So what's in there?

The whole shebang, nutshelled to a 30 page guide. We share our knowledge with you, so when you decide to start creating your own video content, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions.

  • Research

    Defining Business Goals, Target Audience & Messages

  • Creative

    Storytelling, Video Structure, Triggers & Viral

  • Production

    Increasing ROI, Choosing Production Partners & DIY Videos

  • Distribution

    Breaking the Net. Web, 3rd Party & Mobile Platforms

  • Performance

    Monitoring Key Success Metrics


Winning video mechanisms from the world's top brands


Facebook & YouTube tips to optimize video reach

About the author / Oren Shraiber

In the past 10 years, Oren experienced key roles in the Digital Video world.
From scriptwriting & video content creation (Airbnb, Brinks, to managing video distribution partnerships (Youtube, Amazon, Vevo). Today, Oren is helping companies grow using video as Founder & Creative Director at Shoof.

Video means business.

Making a video is easy. Making a video that will drive real business results - That's a challenge. That's why this guide was written.

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